Why Alpha Chi

Once you've decided to pursue Greek life, it can be daunting to choose from all of your options.

There are many Greek and women’s organizations out there, so why should you consider Alpha Chi Omega?

Our members are diverse, talented women who help make our organization unique and authentic.

Overall, you’ll find our members are:
  • Real and genuine
  • Smart, strong and compassionate
  • Representative of a wide range of personal values and beliefs
  • Supported by Alpha Chi Omega programming that enhances their lives, academics and careers
  • Committed to balancing their studies, community service, fun and friendship
  • Able to tap into a network of more than 230,000 sisters nationwide
  • Engaged well beyond their collegiate years through more than 200 alumnae chapters
  • Interested in giving back to Alpha Chi Omega and its Foundation to pay the experience forward