Alpha Chi Omega Does Not Support Hazing

Alpha Chi Omega’s Shared Commitment is a powerful message. In it, we promise that as members of this organization we are committed to changing the conversation – changing how women think and act about the idea of sorority. We promise to create a more positive reality for ourselves and others. We promise to stand strong in the courage of our convictions, have confidence in our actions and purpose in our hearts. These words are inspiring – and create a feeling motivation for all that read them.

Alpha Chi Omega also believes that the dignity of the individual is a basic element of civilized society. There are many ways we can relate this message to membership in Alpha Chi Omega, but today – let’s think about it in relation to hazing.

When women become new members of Alpha Chi Omega – we have already declared that they meet our five membership standards (character, personal development, academic interest, leadership ability and financial responsibility); therefore, new members do not have to earn their right to membership.  

Alpha Chi Omega is changing the conversation. We see hazing as a form of domestic violence. We do not promote participation in any activity that is demeaning to the individual, does not promote a sense self-worth or a positive fraternity/sorority image and does not reflect the high standards, core values and ideals maintained by Alpha Chi Omega.

Real, strong women don’t haze.