At Alpha Chi Omega 's 1992 National Convention, delegates voted to adopt the Support of Victims of Domestic Violence as a national altruistic project.


The Alpha Chi Omega Foundation supports educational programs for victims of domestic violence as well as hands-on support at the local community level where personal involvement can make a difference. Grants go to various agencies across the nation providing services to victims as well as to provide development and implementation of educational programs for members.

In observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Founders Day, Alpha Chi Omega's are encouraged to participate in events in their communities during the month of October.

Other philanthropic events include Mr. Alpha Chi, Tackling Domestic Violence, beach clean ups and other philanthropic events.


Mr. Alpha Chi is an annual event hosted by many chapters of Alpha Chi Omega across the country. It is a male pageant in which different California State San Marcos campus leaders will compete for the title of Mr. Alpha Chi for the current fall semester. Those in attendance will include students, Alpha Chi Omega members from other universities nearby, community members, faculty, friends, and family members of all the aforementioned.


Lyre Bowl is our big philanthropy that we hold during spring semester. It is a flag football event with multiple teams of students from different organizations on campus including our own.